Lightweight, weatherproof nature guides for fish identification and for the identification of animal tracks, fish, and trees for hiking the trails of the Adirondacks. Great animal track identification guide!

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Nature Guides!
for the identification of wildflowers, animal tracks, constellations, trees, fish and more!!!

You hiked the trail, set up camp, or dropped your line in a lake to fish. Trees and wildflowers surround you, animal tracks crossed the path you walked. As you look around at nature, you wonder: What's this purple flower? What tree towers above you? What animal passed this very spot?

Perhaps you are accompanying a child whose endless questions about the natural world find you without answers and wishing you knew more. Or, perhaps you enjoy studying nature, but left your bulky field guide at home to make a little more room in your pack when hitting the nature trails of our great outdoors!.

On your next nature walk, hiking, camping or fishing trip – on any outdoor excursion -- take along a North Woods Field Guide!

Measuring just 1 ” wide by 4” tall, these unique field guides are printed on a bendable, hi-gloss vinyl that is lightweight and weatherproof. Each of the compact guides in the series is bound together on a ball chain that easily fans out for quick comparison to the subject you are trying to identify. One side contains an illustration of an item found in nature. On the reverse are interesting facts to aid in identification. These nature guides slip easily into a shirt or pants pocket, take up little room in a fanny pack, or clip easily to a pack loop.

The compact design of these educational field guides, make it easy for anyone to take a North Woods Field Guide along on their next outdoor excursion. Buy one for yourself or as a gift for the hiker, photographer, hunter, scout or child in your family.

North Woods Field Guides an education in nature!

Convenient, durable and affordable North American field guides created with simplicity and nature in mind.

The series includes:

Available now:
North Woods Tracks Guide $6.99
North Woods Tree Guide $6.99
North Woods Wildflower Guide $6.99
North Woods Fish Guide $6.99
North Woods Flyfishing Guide $6.99
Animal Scat Guide $6.99
Garden Insect Guide $6.99

Constellation Guide $6.99
Insect Guide $6.99
Knots Guide $6.99

Birds of Prey Guide $6.99

First Aid Guide
Coming soon:
Moss/Lichen Guide
Edible Plants Guide
Survival Guide
Butterfly Guide
Small Mammal Guide

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