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Life in the Field

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Not my life in the field, that would bore most  anyone who happens on this article. I’m talking about new life, the deer dropped their fawns two to three weeks ago. One doe has hung around the field out here chasing the cats away and snorting at them everyday. It’s quite comical actually to see the deer chase the cats away and the cats chase the doe right back. I think their more playing with each other than anything. The doe hanging around everyday was a sure sign that her fawn was close by. Try as I might I could not locate her.  It wasn’t until last week that I saw them in the adjoining field together. When the doe spooked to draw attention away from the fawn, the fawn ran about 20 feet and immediately laid down. It figured that, that was the one day I was late getting out to work and left the camera at home.  I wish I had gone back for it and I could have gotten a nice pic to post here. They are beautiful animals.  They will be out together shortly so I will have another chance for a photo, Ill be back!!!!    Happy Hiking.


Monday, April 27th, 2009

Any one know where spring went? Seems we passed it right by and headed into August temperatures. I have been out hiking the past two weeks with any spare time I had trying to get some wildflower and track pictures. Those images on the blog  were my attempt at uploading. by the way one is turkey scat and the other is a dandelion. I’ll be getting some lessons on thumbnails later in the week so hopefully I can put all the images on here by the weekend. I just got a pretty good pic of some Coltsfoot as well as British Soldiers, my favorite lichen. If you don’t know what they look like they are really beautiful for such simple plant life. And as always that question pops in my head…….. is anyone really here??   Happy Hiking!!!!

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