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Monday, April 27th, 2009

Any one know where spring went? Seems we passed it right by and headed into August temperatures. I have been out hiking the past two weeks with any spare time I had trying to get some wildflower and track pictures. Those images on the blog  were my attempt at uploading. by the way one is turkey scat and the other is a dandelion. I’ll be getting some lessons on thumbnails later in the week so hopefully I can put all the images on here by the weekend. I just got a pretty good pic of some Coltsfoot as well as British Soldiers, my favorite lichen. If you don’t know what they look like they are really beautiful for such simple plant life. And as always that question pops in my head…….. is anyone really here??   Happy Hiking!!!!

Tom Turkey

Friday, April 10th, 2009

On the way back to the house just up my road I saw a beautiful Tom strutting 20 feet from the truck. Only goes to figure I took the camera out of the vehicle last week. I would have had some beautiful movie shots of him fanning his tail and looking tough for the hens. As it was I rushed in the house and when I got back he was about another 50 yards further in the field. I took a movie but the quality was terrible. I’ll be going out tomorrow to try and find some early wilflowers to get some photos of for another web app. Enjoy the weekend I know I will.


Sunday, March 15th, 2009

At last Spring is finally here. Although I may be a bit premature cause I’m sure there is at least one more snow storm somewhere on the horizon. There always is it seems. But today was beautiful, I saw my first Redwinged Blackbird and yes I did pull over and turn the truck off. There were at least a dozen singing in the trees. On top of that a small flock of turkeys, 30 or 40 deer and maybe a couple thousand geese, way to many to count but they completely covered about a 30 acre field. Everything seemed to come alive today. There is nothing like spring, my favorite season. The peepers should be out in a couple more weeks if the temperatures stay up. I’ll write a little about them later this week. It;s days like today that make life worth living, simple things if you just take a moment to notice.

Signs of Spring

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Yesterday was a very uplifting day for me. No, I didn’t hit the Mega Millions although that would have been great, I saw my first Robin, actually ten of them. That was about 30 miles from here so  their still a couple weeks away from arriving in my front yard. What’s it all mean, well that finally after months, way to many months winter is finally leaving.  It is my least favorite season by far. In as much as seeing a Robin is the traditional sign of springs arrival, for me it’s hearing the song of the Redwinged Blackbird.  In the rush of everyday life to get from here to there  I can always find the time to pull the truck over and just sit and listen to them sing.  It’s kind of like a toooo-weeeeeeeeee , for me it is the ultimate sign that the cold days of winter are over. It gives me the feeling like almost the rebirth of nature, that everything is new again and the long anticipation of warm weather has finally arrived.  If I could throw on a backpack at that moment and go for a hike I surely would, but as always some responsibility somewhere is calling , I pop the truck in gear and rush off  but this time with with a smile of satisfaction and a sincere appreciation of nature.  Funny how one small bird can have such an effect on me.      Happy Hiking!!!

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